The ultimate luxury in today’s custom homes? Disaster-proof design

From tornado rooms to hydrostatic flood vents, more clients are asking architects to design bunker-like features into their homes.

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MILLIØNS explores the future of hempcrete in the United States

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Supertrend Infrastructure: Affordable Housing Needed - Credit Suisse

A roof over our heads is one of our basic needs, yet for many it is out of financial reach. Affordable housing could provide a solution.

Public housing has received scant attention from investors so far. According to the Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey 2017,

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LA County is short half a million affordable units

Los Angeles County is drastically short on affordable homes and the funding needed to develop them, new research shows.

The California Housing Partnership estimates that L.A. County needs around 517,000 more homes priced at very low- and extremely low-income levels to provide housing for the roughly 750,000 renter households at those income levels.

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The affordable housing crisis, explained

The United States is facing an affordable housing crisis.

Nearly two-thirds of renters nationwide say they can’t afford to buy a home, and saving for that down payment isn’t going to get easier anytime soon: Home prices are rising at twice the rate of wage growth.

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Dazed and ... Constructed? How Hemp Could Alter Material Selections in Architecture

Blaine Brownell explores uses of the plant-based alternative in concrete, textiles, varnish, and other building products.

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ECO Innovation Group (OTC: ECOx), is introducing the synergistic combination of the most effective innovative technologies and products that together produce more affordable, resilient and sustainable housing and buildings.

Affordability and superior structural resilience is achieved by a proven metal framing system extensively analyzed and tested by engineering research and real world catastrophic conditions. Additional resiliency and sustainability is realized with the use of carbon negative industrial hemp biomass based products that provide enhanced fire resistance with innovative insulation and other likewise environmentally positive materials that also are beneficial to health and wellness concerns, including mold, mildew and insect habitat avoidance.

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Cold formed steel framing is well known to be more affordable and resilient.

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